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Electric forklift truck RXE 10-16C

Great in the smallest of spaces

  • Løftekapasitet 1600 kg
  • Løftehøyde 6810 mm
  • Hastighet 12 km/h

Turn it any way you want, the RXE 10-16C simply fits. Always. The youngest and smallest member of the electrifying STILL electric forklift truck family is one of the greatest in terms of performance: compact as it is, it shines with a perfect balance of driving comfort, manoeuvrability and safety – even when things get really tight. Be it in HGVs, containers or narrow aisles, the RXE 10-16C is incomparably efficient and agile in the smallest of spaces thanks to its compact dimensions and sensitive steering. And that is precisely why it is so versatile.

Whether it is in the food industry, at logistics service providers, in production supply or in joint warehouses of large retailers, the compact three-wheel counterbalanced forklift truck inspires as an efficient helper for loading and unloading HGVs or containers as well as for transporting pallets in the warehouse. With a top speed of 12.5 km/h, it gets a lot done very quickly. And to ensure that not a single moment of its electrifying dynamics is lost for safety reasons, it is equipped with the proven Curve Speed Control as standard. This keeps you safely on track at all times – even in the tightest of curves. So when it comes to moving 1.0 to 1.6 tonnes in a space-saving way, the RXE 10-16C is the perfect choice! With its wide range of equipment options and assistance systems, it is also an attractive upgrade from the high lift stackers, with increased comfort and added safety. All this makes it the perfect successor to the legendary STILL RX 50, one of the best-selling electric forklift trucks in its class ever. Proof that the RXE 10-16C fits the bill. Always.

Sensationally slim dimensions

of just under 2 metres high and 1 metre wide

Safe storage and retrieval at maximum height

thanks to the extra stable mast design, low centre of gravity and modern assistance systems

Drive as if you were on rails, even with dynamic cornering,

thanks to curve speed control

Innovative operating concept of the RX electric forklift family

and smart STILL Easy Control on-board computer

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De RXE 10-16C i detalj

The "Simply Efficent" factors: Performance attributes as a measure of economic efficiency

Simply easy

Familiar, intuitive handling
thanks to the uniform operating concept across the RX electric forklift truck family

Relevant information and performance functions
clearly available in STILL Easy Control Bordcomputer

Perfection in confined spaces:
compact truck dimensions and extremely high manoeuvrability allow for working in narrow aisles

Always available
thanks to the lateral quick-charge access for optional lithium-ion batteries

Simply powerful

Powerful and reliable
thanks to maintenance-free rotary current drive in 24 V technology

Impressive productivity
thanks to a lifting capacity of up to 1.6 tonnes with a load centre of 500 mm

Effective material handling
thanks to a maximum driving speed of 12 km/h when laden

Supports the driver
with smart assistance functions

Ready at all times
thanks to the optional lithium-ion technology

Simply safe

Safe and precise handling:
high-precision hydraulics and agile driving dynamics

Optimal all-round visibility
thanks to slim mast and visibility-optimised protected roof bars

Systematic safety
thanks to the (optional) daily pre-shift check in the display

Maximum safety at work
thanks to individually configurable equipment options – from indicators to Safety Light 4Plus safety lighting and curve speed control

Safe load handling
thanks to numerous assistance functions such as lift height display and overload detection

Simply flexible

Individual control options for optimal driver comfort:
multi-lever, mini-lever, Fingertip or Joystick 4Plus

Perfect for any application
thanks to a flexible portfolio with a wide range of equipment options

Flexible use in forklift truck fleets thanks to the uniform operating concept across the RX series:
drivers can switch between RXE 10-16C, RX 20 and RX 60 easily and without training time

Simply connected

Can be optimally networked via an optional interface,
which allows for uncomplicated integration into fleet management systems such as STILL neXXt fleet

Controlled use and protection against incorrect operation
thanks to optional access control

STILL Li-Ion Technology inside

The perfectly harmonised power system for reducing operating costs and increased truck availability.

More about STILL Li-Ion Technology

Forespørsel til: RXE 10-16C

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Lastekapasitet/last (kg)
Nominelt løft (mm)
Kjørehastighet (km/h)
Batterispenning (V)
RXE 10 1.000 5.610 12 24
RXE 13 1.300 6.060 12 24
RXE 15 1.500 6.810 12 24
RXE 16C 1.600 6.810 12 24


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