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OPX-L 20 iGo neo

OPX-L 20 iGo neo

Thrillingly dynamic

What do you do when the first pallet is fully loaded? With the OPX-L 20 you simply switch round to the second pallet on board and carry on picking, always on the shortest route to the next pallet. This is how it works: You load the picker with two empty pallets. One pallet is folded vertically upwards on the back of the fork and then the second is placed next to it. You can now start loading the horizontal pallet. After that work is done, the fully loaded pallet is simply lowered and the vehicle moved forward until the pallet reaches the fork tips. The pallet on the back of the fork is now folded down onto the free part of the fork and work continues. Comfortable, back-friendly order picking of up to 2,000 kg at variable working heights of up to 891 mm. Thanks to the vehicle’s high driving stability, based on the low centre of gravity, the goods can be quickly brought to their destination even on curvy routes. 

Tekniske detaljer

Løftekapasitet: 2.000 kg
Løftehøyde: 800 mm
Gangbredde: 4.350 mm

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