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Precision and maneuverability.

The powerful EXU-SF low lift pallet truck from STILL with a hinged platform and a load capacity of up to 2,000 kg is designed for work in very narrow spaces and for transporting goods horizontally. This compact warehouse helper can be manoeuvred accurately and safely in narrow spaces. All of which makes it the ideal choice for loading and unloading lorries. The truck enables goods to be turned around fast over multiple shifts in the industrial sector and rapid material handling in retail environments. The unique STILL combi-tiller can be folded down to increase speed in pedestrian mode.

Tekniske detaljer

Løftekapasitet: 2.000 kg
Løftehøyde: 130 mm
Gangbredde: 2.673 mm

Forespørsel om STILL EXU-SF

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