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Diesel and LP Gas Forklift Trucks

Perform more. Consume less.

State-of-the-art engine technology and optimally matched drive components make it possible: Diesel and LPG trucks from STILL are as powerful in operation as they are economical in consumption. Those who take a seat in the spacious driver's cabs experience impressive handling power with up to 18 tons of load capacity, which can be precisely controlled at all times.

Thanks to the wide range of models and equipment, you will find exactly the right vehicle for your application scenario: From rough outdoor operations to operations in dusty halls to driving in humid environments. And thanks to the use of encapsulated and robust components, the powerful counterbalanced trucks from STILL remain operational throughout.

Feel the ergonomics that have been thought out down to the last detail, making work as pleasant as possible at all times: Whether back-friendly seats, large steps or spacious operator cabs - all diesel and LPG forklifts are designed to optimally protect the physical health of the operators. So the driver and vehicle are always ready to get the job done!